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Long-Term Care is an Individual and Family Issue

Long-term care (LTC) expenses regularly devastate savings often leaving an individual or surviving spouse impoverished.

◼ Wall Street Journal called LTC costs the largest unfunded risk facing Baby boomers.
In 25 years (when many of us might need this type of help or care) a 3 year homecare (based on 56 hours/week) or nursing home event could cost $438K or $618K respectively per person in Westerville, OH. 
◼Most would prefer to remain in their own homes for a long as possible. Unfortunately, most do not have the financial
ability to remain at home when faced with an extended long-term care need. Many end up in a nursing home on
Medicaid due to a lack of funds to provide ongoing homecare services.

Corporate Issue

Long-term care and family caregiving impacts both corporate healthcare costs, disability costs and employee

◼Most workforces average age is 40-50.
◼Average age of a family caregiver is late 40’s and the average caregiving event lasts 4.6 years.
◼Average family caregiver spends 25-30 hours a week…that’s a part-time job on top of their full-time job and their
“other” family duties.
◼Caregivers’ health problems generate $13.4 billion per year in employer healthcare costs.
◼Caregiving costs U.S. businesses more than $33 billion in lost productivity annually, through absenteeism,
distraction, replacement, reduced hours and more.


◼New & unique financial products designed to help finance this issue and protect families and futures.
◼Free access to family caregiving education and resources for employees and family via a corporate-branded caregiving exchange.
◼Team members can take advantage of educational opportunities by attending group sessions, webinars, or a one-on-one consultation. It helps team members and it helps the organization.

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