A Real Life Disability Insurance Claim

This is Jim and his family.

Jim was a dentist who had a thriving practice.

One day, Jim was cleaning out the garage and some debris got in his eyes. Come to find out, that debris had some really nasty stuff in it.

His eyesight became blurry and he developed an eye condition that caused him to not be able to practice dentistry ever again.

This was an extremely difficult time for Jim and his family. He loved being a dentist and it was what he was trained to do.

Fortunately, Jim had a top notch individual disability policy that replaced a good chunk of his income (for over 20 years!) AND it allowed him to do another job he could do that he enjoyed.

Jim’s disability policy enabled:
✅his kids to stay in private schools
✅his family to take wonderful vacations
✅his family to give to charitable organizations
✅him to save and contribute to retirement
✅him to find a different job and generate additional income
✅his wife to stay at her part-time job and not get a higher paying job

Jim did NOT qualify for social security disability insurance. Without his individual disability policy, Jim and his family’s lives would have been much different!

Jim is my father-in-law.

My husband’s family was blessed for over 20 years to receive a monthly check replacing a good portion of his income because Jim planned ahead.

Takeaway: Planning ahead can change lives!

Help protect you and your family from the financial, mental, emotional, and physical consequences of not being able to work due to an accident, illness or injury.

May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month.

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