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How to File a Disability Insurance Claim

Dealing with a disabling injury or illness can be super stressful and expensive. If you have an individual disability insurance policy and qualify for benefits, it can be a real game changer. How do you file a claim? First, contact…

Are Disability Insurance Benefits Taxable?

If you have a disability insurance policy, become disabled and can’t work, you’ll be grateful you have disability insurance to replace a portion of your paycheck. An important thing to consider is “Are my disability benefits I receive taxable?”

Disability Insurance Future Increase Option

  Disability insurance is protection for your paycheck. There are many riders (policy add-ons) available to customize your coverage. The future increase option (FIO) is a popular rider of a long-term disability insurance policy. It’s also known as future purchase…

What Are Residual Disability Benefits?

Residual Disability Benefits are paid to you when you are considered partially disabled. How Do I Qualify for Residual Disability Benefits? There are 3 factors: Loss of Income – When you lose at least 15-20% of your income as a…

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